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Pro-Life Bumper Stickers

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"I Miss Having a Pro-Life President"

Item # 020509MP

$2.00 Each For All Bumper Stickers Below


A baby can live without it."
Item # 3002AB

"It is a poverty to decide that a child must
die so that you may live as you wish."
-Mother Teresa
Item # 3102IP

"Abortion is Forever
Get the Facts First"
Item # 3003AF



"Who will speak up for the little ones?"
Item # 3104WW

"Pro-Woman, Pro-Life, Pro-Child"
Item # 3025pw

"Children are a Gift from God"
Item # 3016CG



"Life is a Precious Gift"
Item # 3021LP

"I am your Creator. You were in my
care even before you were born."
Isaiah 44:2
Item # 3016CG-2

"Adoption not Abortion"
Item # 3027AA



"Soul at conception."
Item # 3130SC

"Vote Pro-Life"
Item # 3028SA

The Greatest Gift of All"
Item # 3119LG



"Celebrate Life"
Item # 3071CL

"Considering Abortion?
Get the facts first, a life depends on it."
Item # 3121CA

"Abortion Stops
MY Beating Heart"
Item # 3097AS



Choose Life!"
Item # 3122CL

"Before I formed you in the womb, I
knew you"
Jeremiah 1:5
Item # 3100BF

"Life is Precious"
Item # 3123LP



Your Mom Chose Life"
Item # 3136SY

"Take my hand not my life..."
Item # 3124TM

"Abortion: The Ultimate Child Abuse"
Item # 3030uc



Large Bumper Sticker
The Choice We Can Live With!"
Item # VBSZ70

Large Bumper Sticker

"I have noticed everyone who is for

abortion has been born."
Item # VBSZ73

Large Bumper Sticker

"God is Pro-Life"
Item # VBSAE



Large Bumper Sticker
Your Mom Chose Life"
Item # VBSAS

Large Bumper Sticker

"Before I formed you in the womb

I knew you."-God
Item # VBSP

Large Bumper Sticker

"Abortion Stops A Beating Heart"
Item # VBSD













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